Mero Cardano Stake Pool


Cancer Fighting Cardano Stake Pool

Pool ID: 72770c5d9dbf120676a6293d921fd7eeee454409620c3fdb671a405a

About the MERO Pool

75% of my Margin goes directly to Canadian Cancer Society!

Ok here is how it works, you get to invest your ADA in a future proof, decentralized cryptocurrency network, and the MERO stake pool will take 75% of its margin and donate it directly to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Cardano is a system that is built to give back to the community instead of making a profit from it. The MERO stake pool will keep its promise by continuing to donate to a cause that is so important. We've all been touched by Cancer and here is out part to give back to the people.

MERO Pool Stats

Pledge 1500 ₳
Saturation 0%
Live Stake 3208 ₳
Active Stake 3841 ₳
Margin 1.5%
Fixed Cost 340 ₳
Active Since January 1, 0001
Life Time Blocks 0

Additional Pool Information

Single Pool Operator with over 15 years of Software Development and Sys Admin Experience

Committed to keeping the MERO stake pools servers running

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